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Frequently Asked Questions

How much coverage should I get?

That depends. There are usually 2 ways to go about it. You either add up all your liabilities (think mortgages, student loans, expected college tuitions etc) and make sure you cover those. Alternatively, you can look at about 5x – 10x your annual income. 

Do I need to take a medical exam?

No, but it can help lower your policy premium. Insurers nowadays can assess risk well enough to commit to the quotes they give you without the need for further medial examination. However, if there is some kind of special health benefit you have (e.g. very athletic), this could work in your favor by being revealed during a medical.

What's the average coverage in the US?

The average policy face amount in the US is around $168,000.

Why should I get life insurance?

There are many reasons, the main goal is to make sure your loved ones are taken care financially by having any debts and major financial obligations taken care. There are also tax benefits. Think mortgages, final expenses, college tuitions, second income replacement.

What kinds of life insurance are there?

The most well know are whole life and term life. You also have univeral life, limited-pay, endowments and accidental death.

Is life insurance expensive?

No! Some plans start from just $8/mo. Of course, you need to look at the amount of coverage you want, your health situation but it’s an investment and piece of mind worth conisdering.